About Us

The Saskatoon Horticultural Society Inc. (1994) is a non-profit society working in Saskatoon to promote horticulture.   Our motto (2016) is “Live and Grow Together” and our mission statement (2006) is “The Saskatoon Horticultural Society promotes the enjoyment of art, knowledge and public awareness of horticulture and safe environmental practices to its members and the public of all ages.”

We participate in various Horticulture related events in Saskatoon such as Seedy Saturday (sponsored by CHEP), Gardenscape (Prairieland Park), and the Nature City Festival and also hold a few of our own events such as the Spring Plant and Water Garden Sale, Passport Tours,  workshops – educational and garden crafts, and an end of summer Garden Garage Sale.  Our board and volunteers work hard to provide these events for the public.

Monies raised by the SHS go towards funding scholarships, workshops and events.  We invite those who are working on their Prairie Horticultural Certificate or Master Gardener Certificate with the University of Saskatchewan to apply for scholarships.   The Butterfield (Master Gardener) Scholarship was developed in 2002 after a bequest from the estate of the late Sharon Elizabeth Butterfield ($10,719.34).  The PHC scholarship was developed in 2010.  We also fund a bursary of $1500 for Horticulture students at the University of Saskatchewan.  This award started with a commitment to $1000 bursary for 5 years in 2009; continued with a 5-year commitment for $1500 a year for 2014- 2019 and will now be reviewed annually to ensure we have available funds to continue.

The SHS publishes a newsletter 4 times per year filled with gardening information, recipes, inspirational photos, information about our events and sponsor information.

Memberships run from May 1 – April 30 and cost only $15/year. Members receive discounts from our sponsors, various Greenhouses and other businesses in and around Saskatoon, reduced prices on workshops and the newsletter.  Membership has fluctuated over the years, with 1117 members in 1942, peaking at 2379 members in 1949, 402 members in 1989 and currently just under 300 members (2019).  We also have Life Members which are awarded for outstanding accomplishments to the SHS and Corporate Memberships which honour donations from our sponsors.