Physiotherapy Pamphlet: Getting Ready for Gardening
Feeling Good From My Head To-Ma-Toes

In 2019, the SHS had an opportunity to network with the Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association and  the School of Physiotherapy at the University of Saskatchewan to develop a pamphlet to help gardeners get stay healthy during the gardening season.  The pamphlet was developed by a group of 1st year Physiotherapy students as part of their community outreach commitment and includes tips on stretches to perform before gardening, maintaining proper posture while gardening, how to manage injury, as well as the health benefits of gardening.   The students came up with the title of the pamhlet – Feeling Good From My Head To-Ma-Toes – and the Physiotherapy Association covered the first printing of the pamphlet.  The SHS has permission to distribute and print the pamphlet through the partnership.

You can download the pamphlet from this link:  Physiotherapy Pamphlet
Companion Gardening

A garden can become more productive if one employs the principles of companion planting.  Companion planting encompases all of the relationships between plants that grow near or with each other.  The key is in knowing which of those relationships are beneficial and which can be harmful.  Some varieties benefit by being cultivated with others because of the nutrients they can provide to the soil and the companion plants.

Other plants provide support or shade for a different variety grown in close proximity – such as leaf lettuce inserted around tomatoes.  As the tomatoes grow they provide valuable shade to the lettuce crop, and the lettuce covers the soil as a live mulch. Yet another benefit can be that some plants deter pests and insects from attacking others.

You can download the article from this link:  Companion Gardening
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